Porcelain Tile Satin Rectified

28.30 x 28.30" (72 x 72 cm)
LCInternal areas of commercial use without access to street, residential garages and balconies with access to street and LB local.
LRInternal walls.
Wall, Floor.
Wall Covering, Facade, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Garage.
Satin, HD Printing, Rectified, Relief Surface.
Tone Variation
V3Moderate variation, the colors present in a single piece will be part of the colors present in other pieces and the amount of colors in each piece may vary.
Print Variations
F6Up to 6 variations.
Coefficient of friction
< 0,4
Minimum Joint
0.08" (2,00 mm)

Porcelain tile Atlântica has a format 28.30 x 28.30" (72 x 72 cm) and is part of our line Wood Madero. The product is a high quality porcelain and can be applied in different spaces to further enrich the decoration of your home or work environment. It has technology of Full HD printing guaranteeing a greater fidelity in the reproduction of its stamp and texture delivering the most modern in the market for you.

In addition to having greater ease in cleaning, porcelain tiles also helps to let the temperature of the place softer, especially in the warmer periods of the year.

Two different words name this renowned brand of porcelain and monoporous tiles and floors. “Via“ means “roads“, brings us to functionality and strength and “Rosa“, like the flower, adds beauty and delicacy to the environments.